Blackburn Meadows

Blackburn Meadows

16/03/2011 14:11:46

Blackburn meadows nature reserve bird hides

Blackburn Meadows is a wetlands and grasslands nature reserve. The reserve sits within an industrial area
between Sheffield and Rotherham, and has become a popular bird watching site. It is managed by a consortium
including Sheffield and Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts, Yorkshire Water, Sheffield City Council, Rotherham Metropolitan
Borough Council, South Yorkshire Forest Partnership, the Countryside Agency and Magna Science Adventure
Centre. There are two fresh water lakes onsite which attract a variety of bird life.

The reserve has two stone built hides overlooking the lakes. Both of these hides have green roofs which help to
make them inconspicuous and unimposing on the natural landscape. The roofs are constructed from wooden
beams overlain with corrugated metal, a waterproof membrane and turfed sediment about 100mm deep.

Roof Type: Extensive
Roof Size: 2 x 20m²
Roof System: DIY
Completed: 2006

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