Moorgate Crofts

Moorgate Crofts

24/02/2010 13:28:53

Name & Location: Moorgate Crofts Business Centre, Rotherham

Introduction: Moorgate Crofts Business Centre is the first new building to be built in the 25 year Rotherham Renaissance. The design of the building evolved to maximize the opportunities offered by a green roof, and to better access the views across Don Valley. The original proposal for a three storey building with flat roof evolved in the light of the inspiration provided by the 2003 Green Roof Conference at the University of Sheffield. Examples of semi-extensive roof types were particularly inspirational, as they offer greater visual and biodiversity than the more usual sedum roofs, but still used a restricted substrate depth and offered reduced loading, cost and maintenance compared with conventional intensive roof gardens.

Pushing the building’s third floor conference rooms onto the roof was justification for using a semi-extensive roof as a surround, thus creating an accessible, highly attractive space. Sedum was used for the upper roof, as this is not accessible or overlooked. The result is a roof that combines planting types and green roofing techniques to create a flagship demonstration site for the region.

Green Roof Type: Extensive and Semi-extensive
Roof Size: 770m² (Extensive - 185m²; Semi-extensive - 415m² planted; 170m² - paved)
Green Roof Contractor: M & J Roofing
Main Contractor: Hall Construction
Architect: Rotherham Construction Partnership, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Completed: 2005

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