Sheffield Manor Lodge

Sheffield Manor Lodge

16/03/2011 14:22:07

Sheffield Manor Lodge Discovery Centre

Sheffield Manor Lodge Discovery Centre is a purpose built education and visitors centre which was funded by
the Heritage Lottery Fund (£1.25million). It is the gate way to the Sheffield Manor Lodge site and is used for
exhibitions and displays allowing visitors to learn about the relatively unknown Scheduled Ancient Monument
site. Green Estate Ltd is a social enterprise which manages the site. The Discovery Centre features a green roof
with a graduated substrate depth, reaching 200mm at the centre and sloping down to 100mm at the building’s
edge on the soft pitch of the roof. The Substrate has been seeded with a grass seed mix composed by Green
Estate. For increased aesthetic appeal, the roof also contains plug plants which flower over the summer months.
The roof is a showcase of what Green Estate can do.

The Manor lodge site also hosts other green roofed developments including arts and crafts studios with 400m²
of grass seeded roof, a horse shelter with Lindum blanketed roof and a small storage shed.

The intention of the developments at Sheffield Manor Lodge are to create a valued space which is transformed
and managed in a way that demonstrates environmental excellence, protects the site and enhances the local
heritage while delivering social fairness for current and future generations.

Roof Type: Grass Seed Mix / Plug planted
Roof Size: 350m²
Substrate Depth: 100 – 200mm graduated
Roof Contractor: Green Estate Ltd
Completed: 2009

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