The Cube

The Cube

16/03/2011 14:18:48

The Cube situated in Sheffield’s cultural industries quarter

The Cube is a mixed use apartment and business development situated in Sheffield’s cultural industries quarter.
The development, created through a partnership of Sheffield City Council and Derwent Living, boasts an
innovative example of 21st Century sustainability incorporating a green roof.

The green roof system was installed over a 661m² area. The Substrate used comprises of 70% crushed brick
and 30% organic matter spread unevenly across the roof space with an average depth of 80mm. The roof is a
wildflower meadow, chosen to enhance biodiversity in the city centre. A short flowering seed mix of drought
tolerant grasses, alpines and perennials specially formulated by Dr Dunnett of Sheffield University via Pictorial
Meadows and Green Estate. Unlike using sedum blankets, the seeding method does not provide an immediate
greening effect but takes time to establish. Within the first year, about 60% coverage was achieved. However,
once established, seeds are lower maintenance and result in more interesting habitats which are better suited to Sheffield’s climate.

Aims of the Green Roof:
To provide an environmentally friendly solution for the roof of The Cube,
To provide a site to monitor the pictorial meadows seed mix so it may assist in the future development of green
roofs in the Sheffield area,
To provide a demonstration site in the heart of the city centre to show other developers and contractors the
benefits of green roofs creating a sustainable blueprint for them to copy.

Roof Type: Biodiverse Semi-Extensive Wildflower seeded
Roof Size: 661m²
Main Contractor: Harrisons
Roof Contractor: Green Estate Ltd and Paragon Roofing
Architect: Carey Jones
Completed: March 2007

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