Dave's Woodshed

Dave's Woodshed

11/05/2010 13:56:09


I covered the existing felt roof of my woodshed with a waterproof visquene membrane. This was then covered in a re-cycled wool carpet taken with the owners permission from a local builders skip. I then used an old stud wall as the frame again taken from the same builders skip which was cut and screwed to fit the roof to provide a frame. I ordered the minimum quantity of green roof sedum seed mix from Jelitto’s seed merchant and mixed it in damp sand which was placed in the fridge for 10 days for the seed casings to activate. During this time I filled the compartments of the frame with a mix of 90% pea gravel 5% sand and 5% compost. The damp sand/ seed mix was then spread thinly in each compartment and watered in on a weekly basis throughout June and July resulting in the roof pictured. Interestingly the lower edge of the roof has grown faster than the rest. Some of the sedum flowered in the first season in late August 2007.


Frame  - recycled materials from skips
Carpet - recycled from skip
Seed mix - Jelitto
Gravel - local builders merchant


Roof slope approx 15°


Sheffield (S17), South Yorkshire, UK

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