David's Extension

David's Extension

11/05/2010 14:06:48


The 5m x 4m studio is cut into a 1 in 3 hillside, self-built in autumn 2003/spring 2004. The studio is made entirely in timber and entirely suspended (walls and floor) from two recycled steel beams beneath the roof, bearing on a previously existing concrete retaining wall at the top (back) of the slope and blockwork piers at the front. 

Lessons learned included that a 150mm soil layer is too shallow and needs to be watered during extended periods of hot dry weather. Also cutting grass too early in season inhibits the re-germination of less hardy flowers, while cutting grass too late in season leaves roof looking bare through the winter.


Meadow grass and indigenous flowers - on 150mm native clay topsoil
Geotextile filter membrane
Bauder expanded polystyrene insulating reservoir boards (£11/m2)
1200g polythene root barrier membrane
50mm extruded polystyrene insulation
2 layers polyester fibre reinforced bituminous roofing felt
18mm external grade plywood laid to 1:40 falls
250 x 50 tanalised FSC softwood joists
Single 75mm roof outlet to internal downpipe draining to stone filled soakaway pit. Summer irrigation is by a redirected roof downpipe and bath/shower-water drainage stack


Sheffield (S8), UK 

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