John's Porch

John's Porch

11/05/2010 14:25:18


A green roof was put on top of the corridor between our house and shed for environmental purposes.
100mm of pebbles were used as drainage (I couldn't find any crushed brick as recommended anywhere in the area). On top of the permeable membrane (mypex) I have put between 200-500mm of peat as substrate.
My planting scheme has changed slightly since reading Nigel Dunnett's book and now only part of the roof is devoted to sedums. I obtained some old grow bags, previously planted with Pinks and Gladioli. Some of these have grown and provide colour and form. I also planted seedlings grown from a packet of seeds gained from 'seeds for Sheffield' comprising of Mayweed, Corn Marigold Cornflower and Corn Cockle. These are supplemented with Chives and quaking grass (Briza).


Pebbles 100mm
Mypex permeable membrane
Peat 200-500mm


Bolsterstone, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

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