Tim's Terrace

Tim's Terrace

11/05/2010 14:40:27


I was already considering extending the house (to increase kitchen size). Through my involvement with Groundwork Sheffield, and my environmental awareness, I decided that having a green roof was the best option.

The green roof is on two roof areas - both approx 3m² on a traditional pitch roof to a Victorian terrace. The other is a new build extension with flat roof. Initially I considered the pitch on the traditional roof too steep for a green roof, but was then advised by Malden Roofing that this was not a problem and that greening both would be the most cost effective solution.

I’ve enjoyed watching the green roof mature and change colour with the seasons. It’s certainly added more character and been a talking point for the neighbours - as well as the obvious environmental and ecological benefits.


18mm Marine Ply
Vapour barrier
Traditional felt layer
Root barrier (double thickness felt with layer of copper sheet in-between)
30mm moisture retention mat
Sedum matt
Sedum held on pitched roof with stainless steel grips (see photo)
Pebble border
System – Bauder
Other points – no strengthening of traditional pitch roof, although the Marine Ply has structural capabilities.


North East


Norfolk Park, Sheffield, UK

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