China Green Roof Conference

China Green Roof Conference

17/05/2010 16:14:41

The first ever Green Roof Conference was held in China on May 8th 2010 in Shanghai.

The 1 day conference was part of the World Expo 2010, with a second day touring the international pavilions of the Expo. 

The inaugural China Green Roof conference was a great opportunity to raise the profile of green roofs in China and hear a range of highly informative presentations on local, national and international activities and projects.

In the Expo arena many of the pavilions had what appeared to be vegetated roofs and walls, it was only on close inspection that it became noticeable that some were indeed planted, but that many were in fact plastic.

Despite the construction of the ‘plants’, the Shanghai conference was a great success with much talk of where and what can be included next year.

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