Launch of The GRO Green Roof Code for the UK

Launch of The GRO Green Roof Code for the UK

18/01/2011 15:55:25

New industry supported code is set to raise the bar for green roofs, thanks to European funding.

Green roofs have become more common features in our towns and cities over the last five years, but maximum environmental benefits have not always been realised, due to a lack of UK specific guidance. In response to this, the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) has developed and launched a UK code, with Life+ funding, secured by Groundwork Sheffield.

The GRO Green Roof Code provides clear and practical guidance on green roof best practice in the UK. Funded by the European Commission Life+ fund and Groundwork Sheffield, The GRO Code is also financially supported by the Homes and Communities Agency, The Green Roof Centre,, and is facilitated by the NFRC.

NFRC’s Chief Executive, Ray Horwood CBE, says: “A UK specific code of best practice is long overdue, and the launch of The GRO Green Roof Code is welcome news for everyone involved in the green roof industry. By adhering to best practice, the numerous benefits of green roofs can be maximised, and the long term sustainability of green roofs ensured. The GRO Green Roof Code will set the benchmark for the industry.”

As with other green roof guidance around the world, The GRO Green Roof Code has its foundations firmly set in the German FLL Guidelines.
However, only the most technical of data needs to be traced back to the FLL. The GRO Code aims to provide the vast majority of the information required by most designers, specifiers, installers and maintenance providers.

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