Groundwork Sheffield has secured European Life+ funding to raise the standard of green roof design and installation across the UK.

Green roofs perform a vital role in mitigating the effects of climate change by reducing the need for artificial cooling in hot weather and capturing rainwater run-off, as well as providing a range of habitats for urban wildlife. But green roofs can only deliver on these environmental benefits if installed to the highest specifications. Currently there are no UK-specific standards, which mean there is an over-reliance on European standards which have not been developed for the UK climate.     

The Life+ funding contributes to a Euros €914,213 project that will enable Groundwork Sheffield, in partnership with national and European experts, to establish a UK code of best practice for the design and installation of green roofs. Project partners include The Green Roof Centre, and Homes and Communities Agency. LIFE+ is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental policy development across Member States.

Click here to visit the LIFE+ website.

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