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Four Elms

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Willerby Landscapes, founded in 1983 with the intention of providing first class landscape contracting services, is based at Four Elms, near Edenbridge, Kent. From this base they operate throughout the south of England, but major schemes have recently been completed in Edinburgh and the Channel Islands.

The modern headquarters incorporates up to date communication links, allowing for the electronic exchange of all necessary contractual information, including drawings.

The company specialises in all disciplines associated with the installation and on-going maintenance of hard and soft landscape schemes, including water features. Willerby's reputation has been built on the basis of total commitment to client service. The execution of its schemes is backed by practical experience and delivered with thorough professionalism.

The management is open-minded and has a forward-looking attitude. The emphasis is on operating in a proactive manner and the formation of long lasting partnerships. This philosophy is to be found throughout the company. Willerby has a skilled and loyal workforce who are capable of complex schemes. This motivated team has a wide range of abilities ensuring projects are completed swiftly and efficiently.

Willerby have extensive experience of installing greenroofs, both of an extensive & intensive nature, examples include Canary Wharf, Arbuthnot House, Allen & Overy's building in Spitalfields, Chavasse Park, Liverpool, Central Saint Giles, London

Willerby's specialist facilities include a nursery for the containerisation of semi-mature trees. Specimens up to 14 metres in height and with girths in excess of 1.2 metres are regularly handled. The facility enables trees and shrubs to be planted throughout the year and in contractual compliance with virtually any construction programme.

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