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Manor Oaks Farmhouse, 389 Manor Lane, Sheffield
S2 1UL

Tel: 01142 677624

Green Estate has been creating Green Roofs since 2007.  We offer bespoke maintenance services to suit the unique requirements of each green roof. Our maintenance services are designed to enable your roof to fulfill its original aims and objectives. We are able to advise on any issues arising with your green roof, and give verbal or written feedback on the condition of the green roof subsequent to maintenance being undertaken. 

We also supply materials for both intensive and extensive green roofs. Our three biodiversity-rich seed mixes, designed for extensive green roofs, are suitable for a variety of projects, from grass rich roofs to high impact floriferous roofs. All the mixes provide a simple and cost-effective solution requiring minimal maintenance. Our lightweight substrate (approved in accordance with FLL Standards) is made from 100% recycled materials, both reducing costs and diverting waste away from landfill; available for small, medium and large roofs, substrate can be supplied in loose or bulk bags. 

Our customers range from domestic clients and schools to large commercial companies; our solutions are often bespoke to existing buildings or new developments.

  • Commercial
  • DIY / Small Scale Green Roof Installer
  • Drainage layer supplier
  • Green roof installer
  • Maintenance
  • Seed Supplier
  • Specifier
  • Substrate Supplier

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